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  • レーベル検索 Steve Klingaman
  • リリース 2001/04/15
  • ミュージックジャンル Folk
  • フォーマット CD
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価格: ¥1,394


Heartfelt, from the heartland, with deep Iowa roots. What is it about Iowa anyway? 'Packwood' chronicles the 19th century American immigrant experience in the rural Midwest right on through to suburban exodus, as played out in the town and country surrounding Packwood, Iowa. Like faded snapshots, these eleven songs tell the story with amazing compression and resonance. An evocative 'non-singer' writer in the tradition of Cohen, Wainwright and Dylan, Klingaman puts these gems across with the help of classic, understated, arrangements and sympathetic vocal harmonies by Linda Winston and Lenne Klingaman. Violinist Joel Zifkin, formerly of Kate & Anna McGarrigle and presently with Richard Thompson, adds depth and color to complement the emotional weight of these stories. The mix by the late Tom Tucker (Prince, Greg Brown's "Covenant," Lucinda William's "Essence") is transparent and true. Stand-outs include 'Willard & Beulah', 'Freeman's Song', and 'Auction Day.' Produced and engineered by Steve Klingaman Credits: Recorded at NoName Studio. San Francisco/Minneapolis Violin recording engineered by Morris Apelbaum at Silent Sound Studio, Montreal Mixed by Tom Tucker, Master Mix Studios, Minneapolis Mastered by Tom Tucker, Jr., Master Mix Studios Guest Artists Lenne Klingaman ~ vocals Jarod Rush ~ keyboards Michael Wilkes ~ drums Linda Winston ~ vocals Joel Zifkin ~ violin Cover photograph "Near Ridgeway, Iowa", rear cover "Near Hesper, Iowa" by Robert Campagna, Abbe Creek Gallery, Mount Vernon, IA In Steve's words: 'Returning to the Midwest for the funeral of my grandmother, I was taken by a sense of homecoming in the town of Packwood, Iowa, home to four generations of my family. I grew up near Chicago, but for me there was 'no there there.' But in the summer as a kid on Willard's farm felt like I was home. Later, I was a Northerner in New Orleans, an American in Montreal, a Midwesterner in California and a non-Lutheran in Minnesota. But in Packwood I was just "Billie's son." Back home in San Francisco, I wrote the first song, "Five Pines," in about 15 minutes. After that it only took about six more years to finish. A project that takes this long tends to take you over. Now I know why they call it a 'release'.' The Review You've probably never heard of Packwood, Iowa. It is one of many rural towns scattered across the midwest, farming towns that were settled in the 19th century and which are declining today as people move away. The loss of rural America provides songwriter Steve Klingaman's theme for Packwood. The songs look at life in this particular small town from many different angles, but some motifs recur: the difficulty of making a living from farming, exile, the passage of time. A native midwesterner, Klingaman is a veteran of the music business who has been writing songs and playing in various bands since the 1970s. He no longer tours and now concentrates on studio recordings instead. The arrangements are mostly acoustic but electric guitars, synthesizer and drums make a few appearances, not always with the best results. Most of the tracks have a stripped-down sound that suits the subject matter better. Klingaman is not blessed with the best singing voice in the world, but he presents the songs well in spite of that. There are a few guest musicians, but Klingaman makes most of the music himself. This is not surprising, considering that he produced Packwood himself in his home studio; he wrote all of the songs, as well. The CD booklet gives full lyrics, lists additional musicians (if any) on each track and is illustrated with old Klingaman family photos for a nice continuation of the album's theme. All of the songs are set in and around Packwood, using the locale to tell their stories. This approach is most successful in a song like 'Willard and Beulah,' which tells the story of the community during the Depression. Although Klingaman doesn't say so in the liner notes, it sounds like the story of two real people. 'Doing What We Can,' on the other hand, reiterates the time-worn theme of, 'life is hard but we'll keep trying,' without grounding it in the kind of detail that makes the catchy 'Saturday Night in Packwood' a little more than a generic song about high school infatuation. 'Irena Cross the Ocean' is a lullaby sung to a little girl who will soon be leaving her homeland to join her father in America. The opposite side of this coin is 'Marie LaFleur,' which tells the story of an Acadian woman who marries a Protestant farmer and feels like an outcast in the small farm town, away from her home. In it, Klingaman skillfully evokes her loneliness and transcends the fact that this is the story of people who lived and died long ago. Joel Zifkin (currently violinist with Kate and Anna McGarrigle) adds some fine violin work to this and four other tracks; Klingaman and he co-founded the folk group Harlequin in the 1970s. The closing track is an apt farewell: in 'Five Pines,' the narrator muses on the transience of human life through the image of five displaced pine trees planted around the family farmhouse on the plain. On Packwood, Steve Klingaman shows that he can take the nuts and bolts of rural life and turn them into effective songs. If he continues to take this as a subject, he will be treading a path that has brought acclaim to songwriters such as Lucinda Williams and Slaid Cleaves, among others. Only time will tell if Steve Klingaman goes down this road, but Packwood is a solid start in that direction. ~Jennifer Hanson.


アーティスト: Steve Klingaman
タイトル: Packwood
ジャンル: Folk
発売日: 2001/04/15
レーベル: CD Baby
フォーマット: CD
バーコード: 777215102293