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  • レーベル検索 SPEELHUYS
  • リリース 2014/03/20
  • フォーマット CD
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価格: ¥1,773


Was the music around 1700 courtmusic or churchmusic? In Holland it was neither. The court of the Oranjes was still small around 1700 and certainly not very musical. There weren't many noblemen and the protestant church wasn't into music at all. But in daily life there was lots of music. In the theaters and markets was music, every house had it's instruments and every Dutch town had it's Speelhuizen. Those were the places you could hear the real Dutch music from that time. Baroque music from the pubs (kroeg): Kroegbarok. The Speelhuizen in Amsterdam were a combination of pub, dancehall and brothel. There was music every night, played by a violinplayer accompanied by a bassplayer (this could be a cello, a violone or a double bass). The more wealthy Speelhuizen also had a third instrumentalist on harpsichord or lute. There was a lot of dancing and singing going on in the Speelhuizen. The songs came from the plenty of cheap songbooks that circulated in Holland, lovesongs, parodies, tearjerkers etc. Mostly without musicnotation as these songs were sung on wellknown melodies from the Dutch repertoire. The Speelhuis-songs and music can be found in dozens of musicbooklets and manuscripts. Speelhuys is the first ensemble to bring this music to life again. From the stories about the Speelhuizen in the 17th and 18th century we know about the way the musicians played their music, with improvisation and variation on the melodies, with strong articulation and dancerhythm. Very musical but not always without 'mistakes' according to the educated musicians. Speelhuys uses a variety of instruments that were present in the Speelhuizen. First there is the violin, a 5 string version, played by Jos Koning who doubles on the viola d'amore. Then there is a violone (in G) played by Marcel Snijders who doubles on the double bass. And the third instrument is the theorbe played by Martin van Vliet who doubles on the baroque guitar. The voice of Speelhuys is mezzo soprano Jos Somsen singing the songs of sailors, peasants, soldiers, speelhuisgirls, in short everyone in the Speelhuizen.


タイトル: Kroegbarok
発売日: 2014/03/20
レーベル: CD Baby
フォーマット: CD
バーコード: 888174692821
規格品番: 1145944X