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Change Together

Change Together

  • レーベル検索 Skip Duglas
  • リリース 2014/04/15
  • ミュージックジャンル Rock
  • フォーマット CD
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価格: ¥1,786


Over the last summer, after the rush of releasing and promoting the self titled Ep, I withdrew deep into the Mississippi Delta, a lifelong bucket list item, more like a journey of sorts; I went looking for inspiration in one of the most inspirational places, the home of the delta blues. The region is notorious for drawing artists to one of the most influential places of modern music as we know it. Driving through the warm humid delta air, corn fields as far as I could see, windows down and listening to blues artists Son House and Robert Johnson, I found Robert Johnson's grave, among other 'legendary' sites, it turned into an experience of profound epic proportion. Getting back to reality completely refreshed and inspired, I started writing new songs, sending them as they came to Rick; We had the idea to round up the original members of Skip Duglas, rent a secluded cabin in the mountains of north Georgia and make an experience out of recording the new material. We worked around the clock for a week, reconnected as the brothers we once were. We survived bears, sleep deprivation, and a caffiene induced trip to the emergency room, yet this album proved to be our greatest and most coherent work to date. 'Change Together' treads upon completely organic ground, inspired by the old delta blues recordings, life and growing up, we made an attempt to return to a time where music was accepted as being played by real people; we wanted capture the 'human' element. One of our favorite albums is 'MorningView' by Incubus. The organic feel and what you hear is what you get tone of that album has always been captivating. The basic tracks were recorded in the moment, live, we had mic's set up capturing the sound of the cabin itself, in hopes that listeners could experience the atmosphere in which we spent day and night hanging out, writing and working on music, and enjoying the experience of just being a part of something special. This album is not 'perfect' by any means, there is no 'timing manipulation' and very little pitch correction, but it is perfect to us. We've poured our hearts into this album and hope we capture yours with it. -Rudy.


アーティスト: Skip Duglas
タイトル: Change Together
ジャンル: Rock
発売日: 2014/04/15
レーベル: CD Baby
フォーマット: CD
バーコード: 888295082877