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Living with the Land-Songs of Ranch Life

Living with the Land-Songs of Ranch Life

  • レーベル検索 Sarah Barchas
  • リリース 2005/02/08
  • ミュージックジャンル Country
  • フォーマット CD
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Moving with her parents and siblings as a teenager from an urban life in Los Angeles to a rural life on a small family ranch, Sarah Barchas has developed deep feeling for the land and the ranching way of life during her 48 years of cattle ranching in southeast Arizona. This exceptional CD of 14 original ranch songs evokes the essence and soul of family ranching. The songs echo themes of love of open spaces, bonding with the animals as individuals, renewal of spirit in riding a horse, the need to live in harmony with nature, the gift of water to semi-arid desert ranglands, and throughout the sense of responsibility, commitment and connection to the land. Each song is memorable in it's own way. The round-up song, 'Move 'em Along' is full of vitality and vibrant rhythm. 'Caballito' is a haunting and beautiful bilingual song written while horseback. 'Siempre Viva' is the true story of a dramatic, unforgettable rescue. The personality and history of the venerable 'Granny Cow' in her unique ballad is a stand-out. The ballad of 'This Old House' portrays the 100-year old ranch house on the Brown Canyon Ranch now owned by the Forest Service in a land exchange preserved in an award-winning partnership between the Forest Service and CAS charter high school with community help. 'Horses of My Dreams' with whimsical images depicts true individual and composite horses owned through the years. 'Cows Make A Living' adds zest in humorous but true comparisons between bovines and humans. 'I'll Go Riding' speaks to caring for animals and habitat in free-spirited riding. The two rain songs evoke the southwest desert rangeland's greatest need. 'Windmill Song' etches vivid and memorable images yet also provides playfulness and fun in changing tempo. 'If I Don't Take Care of the Land' is an eloquent call to the responsible use and stewardship of the land for the future. 'Living With the Land' in Prologue and Finale evokes with depth of feeling the carrying of heritage in values and traditions within a way of life from individuals across generations. This new distinctive collection of authentic ranch songs can connect directly with all who love animals and the outdoors, all who have had any experience living with the land, all who might dream of living with the land, all who care about preserving the land for the present and future. It is for all ages, from adult to child, for families, schools, libraries, camps and conservation groups to share. It is for all who want those who live with the land to live in harmony with the earth.


アーティスト: Sarah Barchas
タイトル: Living with the Land-Songs of Ranch Life
ジャンル: Country
発売日: 2005/02/08
レーベル: CD Baby
フォーマット: CD
バーコード: 756124424726


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