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La Americana

La Americana

  • レーベル検索 Leticia Rodríguez
  • リリース 2012/08/31
  • ミュージックジャンル Latin Pop/Rock
  • フォーマット CD
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About La Americana I'd like to think of my music as Americana, (con pronunciación, español); Americana, meaning multicultural, as many people now recognize themselves to be. Raised on the outskirts of Houston, Texas, close to Pasadena; I was encouraged by my parents and mentors, to look at the world in the most inclusive sense, and it stuck. Because I understand rhythm from a dancer's point of view, tropical rhythms fill me up. They are complex and holy. They are also prosaic, immediate and universal. I reach into the past to treasure and pay tribute to those artists that created music beginning in the early1930s, and continue today to be celebrated internationally. The upcoming CD pays homage to my Tia Eva Garza, from San Antonio, Texas, who is claimed by Columbia, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States as their daughter, because she embraced all peoples. It also includes those artists and composers that worked or continue to work internationally; composers, Augustin Lara, Carlos Gardel and Rafael Hernandez; musicians, Celia Cruz, Omara Portuondo and Eliades Ochoa. This CD is the continuation of my dream that our world can one day have a unified vision, that we are all of one race, and together strive to create harmony, make sense of our lives, and contribute to those lives to come; in peace. Me gustaría pensar de mi música como Americana, (con pronunciación español); significando multicultural, como mucha gente ahora se reconoce ser. Criada en las afueras de Houston, Texas, cerca de Pasadena, me animaron mis padres y mis mentores ver al mundo en el sentido más inclusivo, y se me grabo profundamente. Porque comprendo el ritmo desde el punto de vista de una bailarina, los ritmos trópicales me llenan. Son complejos y santos. También son prosaicos; representan la inmediatez y una visión del mundo. Vuelvo al pasado para atesorar y rendir homenaje a los artistas que crearon música que empezo en los 1930s, y que siguen siendo celebrados internacionalmente, sin fronteras, hoy. El próximo CD rinde homenaje a mi Tía Eva Garza, de San Antonio, Texas, que es reclamada por Columbia, Cuba, México, Puerto Rico y los Estados Unidos, como hija suya, porque abrazó a todas las gentes. También incluye a esos artistas y compositores que trabajaban o siguen trabajando internacionalmente; compositores: AugustinLara, Carlos Gardel y Rafael Hernandez; músicos: Celia Cruz, Omara Portuondo y Eliades Ochoa. Es la continuación de mi sueño dentro de este CD, que nuestro mundo pueda algún día tener una visión unificada, que todos somos de una humanidad, y juntos nos esforzamos para crear armonía y dar sentido a nuestras vidas, y todas las vidas en nuestro futuro; en paz. The Poetry of A Song For my English-speaking friends, here is a translation of Volver. I am guessing by the blinking of your eyes from far away, lights are marking my return. They are the same ones that lit up with the pale reflections of deep waves of pain. The quiet streets that use to clothe me, there is her life, there is your love. Beneath the mocking look of the stars, with indifference today it sees me return. Return with my withered forehead, the snows of time have turned my temples to silver. To feel that life is so brief, that 20 years is nothing with your cold wandering eyes in the shadows. It looks for you and calls you, to live with my soul tied to you with a sweet remembrance, I cry again. I am afraid of an encounter with the past that confronts my life again. I am afraid of the nights that are full of remembrances that bind my dreams. But the traveler who runs away sooner, will stop his wandering. Although forgetting that destroys everything; has killed my old illusion. Within my heart I have hidden hopes, that is all I have. - Translation by Sylvia Garza Rodriguez QUOTES from Press "Leticia descended the stage after a dance piece, donned an embroidered Mexican shawl, and broke into the ballad, "Aquellos Ojos Verdes" in gorgeous husky alto. Wow." - M.B. Rice, Austin Chronicle Leticia Rodriguez is a lovely, funny and a heck of a cabaret singer. She is a great advertisement for the advantages of growing up in many cultures at once. - Michael Meigs, Austin Live Theatre Blogspot.


アーティスト: Leticia Rodríguez
タイトル: La Americana
ジャンル: Latin Pop/Rock
発売日: 2012/08/31
レーベル: CD Baby
フォーマット: CD
バーコード: 678572986321