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  • レーベル検索 The Kontroversy
  • リリース 2015/01/06
  • ミュージックジャンル Rock
  • フォーマット CD
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価格: ¥954


The story - and I use the word loosely, of The Kontroversy is a most unremarkable one in the grand scheme of Rock history, but one that resonates as a testament to the power of Rock 'N' Roll's enduring hold on a generation ever inspired by The Beatles and the British Invasion. Born out of the ashes of Kansas City's acclaimed The Leopards, a group which released three singles and a legendary LP (on their own Moon Records label and re-issued by Sing Sing in 2011), The Kontroversy devotedly mined the then-rarefied repertoire of the British Invasion and American garage rock. In January of 1981, Fred Prellberg, having miserably failed a previous Leopards audition, approached Kevin Sanders with the idea of forming a band shortly after Kevin returned to Kansas City from his stint in the transplanted California incarnation of The Leopards. With Kevin playing rhythm guitar and Fred on bass, they enlisted Kevin's brother, Tim Sanders, to man the drums, and Barry Johnson to handle lead guitar duties. The completed line-up immediately set to work gigging and recording on Kevin's 8-track in his basement. Tossing the boys a bone, Titan Records agreed to release This, Then, Is...The Kontroversy, an EP (Titan 8465), featuring Johnson's successor on lead, Ken Carey. The five-song EP contained, in addition to a spirited cover of The Rockin' Vickers' version of Neil Sedaka's I Go Ape, four '60s-influenced originals: Kevin's Beatle-esque You're So Wonderful, and the Beach Boys / Ventures-inspired surf rocker, I'll Get Back My 57 Chevy, along with Fred's rockabilly-ish Mighty Mighty Man and (I'm Just) One of the Boys, which borrowed heavily from early Kinks and Who. In it's roughly four years of existence, the band played a mere handful of shows, favoring their local followers with a heady combination of their unique Beat-era style originals, '60s obscurities like Creation's Biff, Bang, Pow, The Easybeats' You Said That and Faron's Flamingos' Let's Stomp (from which Bill Harry's intro "This, then, is Merseybeat' on the 1963 recording was appropriated, substituting, of course, Kontroversy, and used as the intro to the band's Titan EP), and a smattering of more audience-friendly fare. In addition to their lone EP, however, the band had recorded several additional originals intended - at the time, for release, which were subsequently shelved - and seemingly forgotten. Although the group officially disbanded in 1985, Kevin and Tim decided to update The Kontroversy story in 2013. Armed with those leftover unused recordings newly mixed for first-time release, Kevin reached out to their long-since relocated bass player to gauge his interest in re-forming the band for the purpose of recording a new album. Bolstered by several new Kevin Sanders originals and those previously unreleased tracks, Reprise marks the beginning of The Kontroversy 2.0 which, nevertheless, finds the boys mining the same vein of 60's-era Rock 'N' Roll that inspired them to get together over 30 years ago. Indeed, all the elements that defined their sound back then are still intact, making this a Reprise that is quite aptly named. The joy of playing again comes through loud & clear in every song. So drop the CD in your player & let 'er rip. The Kontroversy Reprise is here. Tracked down for his approval, Prellberg acquiesced and agreed to write the band's story, with the proviso that his name wasn't used......


アーティスト: The Kontroversy
タイトル: Reprise
ジャンル: Rock
発売日: 2015/01/06
レーベル: CD Baby
フォーマット: CD
バーコード: 700261417042