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I Am I Am

I Am I Am

  • レーベル検索 Harry Hmura
  • リリース 2015/01/30
  • ミュージックジャンル International
  • フォーマット CD
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価格: ¥2,449


I AM, I AM is composed and produced by Harry Hmura, guitarist of the video game series Halo, Halo3ODST and Reach. A historic first - A band, great ape and human vocals come together in a powerful story of who and what I AM, I AM. Original music: a journey of life, love, celebration, fear, slavery, consequences and triumphs of the great apes. Discover vocal expressions and sounds of them singing, laughing, crying, clapping, outcries and more.., living freely in the forests, births and celebration, captured, enslaved in research/overcome, habitat loss, orphans and sanctuaries. 'The first time I listened to this intensely personal music I cried. It's not only beautifully composed and produced, but hearing the vocals of the apes in harmony with the music took me on an amazing emotional journey. Bravo Harry!' - Martin O'Donnell, composer and producer of Halo. 'I Am, I Am is unique and uplifting. It is unlike anything you've heard before.' - Michael Salvatori, composer and producer of Halo I AM, I AM has been inspired by Dr. Jane Goodall, and all the great apes. Apes I've met and ones I haven't. Foremost, it was being with them in sanctuary and learning about their past and present lives, the lives of great apes around the world and realities shared by sanctuary founders, leaders and staff. Sharing time, emotions, vocals and especially music with many of the apes in sanctuary is immeasurable. I AM-IAM Project's mission is sharing half the proceeds for much needed funding with sanctuaries around the world. Sanctuaries are amazing places, innocent beautiful lives, the spirit between humans and great apes. They are home to individuals, each unique from the next with different names and faces rescued from laboratory research, the entertainment and pet industry, the bushmeat trade and loss of habitat. They provide life time care, rehabilitation, companionship, shelter, protection, even sometimes reuniting family members, bringing new meaning and desires to life. The entire collection of great ape vocal recordings, beginning in 2007, of chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, orangutans and gibbons including background environment sounds were recorded at sanctuaries or in natural indigenous habitats around the world. After choosing the many unique vocalizations, I wrote music in key centers built around their vocal pitches. The rhythms of their vocals and sounds, including the natural environment sounds all synchronized naturally in the music. Absolutely no library sounds were used. I never thought I'd be sharing music, playing guitar for great apes I've met rescued and living in sanctuary. It's immeasurable... How does one go about explaining the feeling? I do know it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever experienced. A connection of the universal language of music. - Harry.


アーティスト: Harry Hmura
タイトル: I Am I Am
ジャンル: International
発売日: 2015/01/30
レーベル: CD Baby
フォーマット: CD
バーコード: 888295167420