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Sweet Lines

Sweet Lines

  • レーベル検索 Giuliano Perin
  • リリース 2012/06/30
  • ミュージックジャンル Jazz
  • フォーマット CD
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There is no musician without a suitcase piled up with music to which he is so lovingly devoted. That music may have been important for his music education or which best enabled him to interpret music to the full, or simply bound to a specific moment in his life. We wanted to choose and put together some of these 'SWEET LINES' by colossal maestros like Cal Tjader, Lou Donaldson, Milt Jackson, George Shearing and Sanny Rollins who, besides thrilling us with their music, will always lead an essential role in the study and research of music, a research which concerns that 'superb singleness' which distinguishes them, an objective for us to follow! Special thanks to my marvellous friends and musicians of GOOD VIBES QUARTET,fellow mates of lots of travels and music with whom I have shared such a pleasant enterprise. Giuliano Perin - Piano and Vibraphone Giuliano Perin is a classically trained musician who developed a passion for Jazz from an early age. He has studied with some of the greatest musicians of the genre including Ran Blake, Barry Harris and Franco D'Andrea. Giuliano also studied at the Manhatten School with Harold Danko and Gary Dial and also at the New York School with Dave Samuels. Giuliano Perin began his career as a composer/musician. He founded the electro Jazz group "Elecktrik Workshop" which was active for four years between 1989 - 1993. With "Elecktrik Workshop", Giuliano Perin won the prestigious "Il Gazzettino" Award. This coincided with the release of the CD "Right Up". During this period in his career Giuliano was playing with Italy's great Jazz musicians such as Gianni Basso,Fabrizio Bosso e Marco Tamburini and numerous international musicians like Claudio Roditi, Roy Algrove, Paul Jeffrey, Tom Kirkpatrik, Ferenc Snetberger, Dave Samuels, Neil Leonard. In 1998 Giuliano began directing numerous groups ranging from trios to sextets he also lectured in music, whilst also playing in the Thelonius Monk Big Band conducted by Marcello Tonolo with whom he later worked on in two CDs for the Caligola label. Giuliano was president of the Royal Big Band. The band appeared at various high profile concerts and Giuliano distinguished himself playing both vibraphone and piano. During this period Giuliano published two CDs with Gianni Basso, Fabrizio Bosso, Carlo Atti e Luciano Milanese on the Velut Luna label. At this time also collaborated with the singer Leandro Barsotti on the CD "Il Jazz nel Burrone" touring Italy and appearing on RAI - Italian State Television. He has since been the Artistic Director of the Rubano Art Festival, a series of events dedicated to music,dance, photos,painting and theatre. More recently has developed new projects with the CD "Into the Vibes" he sought to develop a greater emotional intensity between the musician and his audience. The CD contains both his own original works and those of world famous vibraphone players like L. Hampton, Terry Gibbs, Milt Jackson and others. The CD achieved exceptional critical acclaim, both from the public and the musical press, such as Musica Jazz and Jazzit. Jazz Magazine named it as one of the best CDs of 2004. Giuliano also collaborated with several Italian Jazz musicians Marcello Tonolo (piano), Luciano Milanese (bass), Max Chiarella (drums), Jacopo Jacopetti (sax), Maurizio Scomparin (trumpet), Benny Lamonica (trombone) on the CD "Flexibility" (2006) ."Passion and Reason" (2007) is another CD that Giuliano recorded with the Caligola label this time in collaboration with several international Jazz musicians like Dave Samuels and Neil Leonard with whom he has toured with extensively. Since then Giuliano has recorded "Coming Back" (2008) with the Good Vibes Quartet on Cat Sound Rec label,"Pezzi di Luna"(2009),and "I Remember Palladio"(2010),"Sweet Lines "(2012)(Cat Sound). Giuliano Perin appears on Top Ten vibraphone Jazzit Award 2010 and 2011. Discography - Electrik Workshop- Right up ("Il Gazzettino" 1993)- LiveOnly!Royal Big Band (Jazz.On.Stage.2003) - Lester- T.Monk Big Band( Caligola 2003) - Royal Big Band Vol.1 (Velut Luna 2003) - Royal Big Band Vol.2 (Velut Luna 2004) - Into The Vibes (Caligola 2004) - Flexibility( Caligola 2005) - Blue,Stefania Salvador (Velut Luna 2005) - Il Jazz nel burrone, Leandro Barsotti (Iperspazio 2007) - Night Over, T.Monk Big Band (Caligola2007) - Passion & Reason (Caligola 2007) -The Groove Yard( The Groove Yard 2007) -Coming Back (Cat Sound 2008) -Pezzi di Luna( Cat Sound 2009) -I Remember Palladio (Caligola 2010) -Sweet Lines (Cat Sound 2012) Email: giulianoperin@libero. It Mobile. 338 3510770 Address: Giuliano Perin Via Rolandino 8 35030 Rubano Padova Italy.


アーティスト: Giuliano Perin
タイトル: Sweet Lines
ジャンル: Jazz
発売日: 2012/06/30
レーベル: CD Baby
フォーマット: CD
バーコード: 885767124851