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Deeper Into the Blues

Deeper Into the Blues

  • レーベル検索 Doni Harvey
  • リリース 2012/10/13
  • ミュージックジャンル Blues
  • フォーマット CD
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All songs written and arranged by Doni Harvey Produced by Doni Harvey & T.J. Politzer Associate producer - Fre Goodyear Engineer - T.J. Politzer Published by DoniMusik - ASCAP / Dundille Music - ASCAP Recorded, mixed and mastered at Hapnin Studio, Los Gatos, CA Doni Harvey - vocals, acoustic 6 string, 12 string, Stratocaster & National steel guitar; electric and acoustic basses, drums and percussion "Fuzzy" John Oxendine - drums on tracks 2, 5, 8, 9, 10 Josh Fengel - drums on tracks 4, 11, 12 Isis Jonsson - congas on track 7 Les "The Blues Buddha" Rosenthal - harmonica on track 8 T.J. Politzer - 2nd guitar on track 4, keyboard on track 9, "thunder" on track 6 Doni Harvey, a "San Francisco Original," a musician, singer, songwriter and storyteller. His songs tell stories that not only reflect his personal experiences, but stories everyone in the audience can relate to. This CD shows how personal, touching and unique 'The Blues' can be. Doni's intense guitar playing and his expressive melodic voice, ranging from fragile & pleading, to strong & soaring, from smooth velvet to smoky & soulful, tell stories of joy and despair, of love and grief, of longing, desire and fulfillment, told the way only Doni and 'the Blues' could tell them, with such imagery and articulate musicianship. His music is a distinct mix of blues/soul/reggae/rock/ballads coming at you in different shades of blue. Doni Harvey is the kind of musician who mesmerizes the audience with the first notes he plays. Blues is all about feeling & relating as a fellow human being, what the song is about. His blues become a near physical experience. The pictures he paints with his songs unfold in all their colors. As great singer and instrumentalist, Doni truly found his own blues voice, his darker shade of blue and created magic that must be shared with the world. . This is what Doni said about finding his Blues Voice and about choosing the title for this CD: When I say "Deeper into the Blues" it's because I have been playing the blues for quite a while now. But when you see a painter, he is using different shades of blue from sky blue, light blue, dark blue to a really nice dark blue. I see that with my music and with blues music itself: that certain of us artists, we still have that kind of medium Blue. When you get artists like Son House, Bobby Bland, BB King, Albert King, Blind Willie Johnson, Freddie King, the fellows that aren't here any more and even more modern artists like Eric Clapton: that is Blue -that rich dark Blue. So I am trying to find my shade of Blue right now. The more I play, the more I write, the more I see what's going on around me, I find that deeper shade of Blue. That's why I play by myself because I want to find Doni's voice. I have played with a whole lot of other folks, but this is the first time that I am doing this from Doni's heart, where I express what I feel. So going "Deeper into the Blues" is my aim..... I've got to find my Blue voice, I've got to find my Blue guitar - speaking the blues. When Doni met the talented TJ Politzer, producer/engineer, two musical souls and great creative talents had met. They quickly became friends and a wonderful collaboration was born working on Doni's CD, 'Deeper Into The Blues'. TJ expressed: Doni was my good friend and a great creative talent, a Real Folk-Blues San Francisco Original! One soulful, singer, songwriter, storyteller, musician, bandleader and performer, I feel so fortunate that he and his music found the way to be part of my world. I first "discovered" Doni late in his amazing and varied musical life. He was working solo, a voice and an acoustic guitar, and I heard the wealth of experience and the depth of his musicianship immediately. Only later did I learn of the many projects he has been involved with during his over 40 years long career. After spending some time listening to Doni's self-produced album, "Your Blues Ain't Like My Blues," I knew that he was an artist who really knew how to use the recording studio. Our approach to all these tracks was to capture the solo performance first. All additional parts and harmonies were added with an ear to keeping that acoustical guitar and voice as the core of the sound. It was pure pleasure to have Doni working and creating in my studio and a privilege for me to participate in the process. Let Doni take YOU 'Deeper Into the Blues!'


アーティスト: Doni Harvey
タイトル: Deeper Into the Blues
ジャンル: Blues
発売日: 2012/10/13
レーベル: CD Baby
フォーマット: CD
バーコード: 884501759250