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  • レーベル検索 Danny Bedrosian
  • リリース 2014/04/28
  • ミュージックジャンル Urban
  • フォーマット CD
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価格: ¥2,123


1) MUDSY (D.Bedrosian, L.Curry) 2) SEASONAL FRUIT (D.Bedrosian, B.COWAN, JR.) 3) A PERFECT MIX (D.Bedrosian, B.Cowan, Jr., P.Hill, L.Curry) 4) I-DETECTIVE (D.Bedrosian, B.Cowan, JR., L.Curry) 5) ENDANGERED (D.Bedrosian, L.Curry) 6) ROBOTS DON'T DIE (D.BEDROSIAN, B.COWAN, JR., L.CURRY) 7) INFINITI III (D.BEDROSIAN, J.PICKEN) 8) I-DETECTIVE (instrumental) (D.BEDROSIAN, B.COWAN, JR., L.CURRY) 9) AYO (D.Bedrosian) 10) MUDSY (INSTRUMENTAL) (D.BEDROSIAN, L.CURRY) SECRET ARMY: ENDANGERED EARTH CORPS: ORGAN, KEYBOARDS, CLAV, SYNTH BASS, ELECTRIC PIANO, SYNTHESIZERS, AND GRAND PIANO: DANNY BEDROSIAN (ALL TRACKS) LIVE DRUMS: BENJAMIN "BENZEL BALTIMORE" COWAN, JR., (TRACKS 1-6, 8 & 10) RICO LEWIS (TRACK 7) DANNY BEDROSIAN (TRACK 9) SIX, FIVE and FOUR STRING BASS GUITARS: LIGE CURRY (TRACKS 1-8 & 10) LEAD AND BACKUP VOCALS: DANNY BEDROSIAN (TRACKS 1-5, 7 & 9) PAUL HILL (TRACK 3) PRODUCED AND CONCEIVED BY DANNY BEDROSIAN. MIXED BY DANNY BEDROSIAN ENGINEERED BY: DANNY BEDROSIAN (ALL TRACKS), SEAN GORMAN (TRACKS 1-6, & 8-10), LIGE CURRY (TRACKS 1, 3-6, 8 & 10), DWAYNE DUNGEY (TRACK 7) DAVID COBB (TRACK 9) PUBLISHED BY BOZFONK MOOSICK (BMI) COPYRIGHT 2014 DANNY BEDROSIAN. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WORLDWIDE, THROUGHOUT THE GALAXY, OUR SOULAR SYSTEM, THE UNIVERSE AND ALL MULTIVERSES. RECORDED AT: BOZFONK MOOSICK STOODIOZE III, TALLAHASSEE, FL STUDIO G, LOWER END, TALLAHASSEE, FL KURRIECOLORS STUDIOS, SAN DIEGO, CA GRAUHAUS, PLAINFIELD, NJ MASON'S SCHOOL OF MUSIC, TALLAHASSEE, FL This new album by Danny Bedrosian and SECRET ARMY, is the band's self - professed 'best yet' of their myriad of albums thus far. This new, organic, funky sound is very much a part of the makeup of Secret Army in the first place; yet the inclusion of new original material, really rhythmic approaches to the compositions and the inclusion of newest member Benzel Cowan on drums has augmented different aspects of the groups' already famous sound without losing it's essence. This new album has some of the band's best original studio efforts yet: live drums, grand piano, squiggling synthesizers, six string bass, amazing vocal beds, and fantastic songwriting and production make this a must get for any Danny Bedrosian/Secret Army/Bozfonk Family fan! Featuring P-Funk's own Danny Bedrosian, Lige Curry, Benjamin 'Benzel Baltimore' Cowan, Paul Hill and Rico Lewis! Don't miss this amazing new album, featuring as always, incredible artwork by Mr. Nathan Boucher, depicting Bedrosian as an Artaxiad Armenian King from the ancient era. Mudsy has a psychedelic soul/Beatles meets Funkadelic vibe; Seasonal Fruit is Bedrosian synth bass nastiest but with pop appeal, and funk feel; A Perfect Mix is James Brown meets Sly meets P-Funk with the amazing Paul Hill on lead vocals; I-Detective is a quick glimpse at problem solving and progressive chording both; Endangered, the title track, features a mighty Bedrosian groove reminiscent of Gaseous Thunder, but very much it's own thang; Robtos Don't Die showcases the Bedrosian/Curry/Cowan Jr trio in it's newfound glory; Infiniti III is a quick but great rehearsal snapshot from a few years before recorded in NJ; Ayo is a Bedrosian experiment complete with interesting changes and trademark schizophrenic mood swings; Fantastic instrumental versions of I-Detective and Mudsy round out the set, in all their uncut funkness! This is really a great follow up to the last Secret Army album, the live favorite 'LOST FROTH', because it takes the live unit in new directions and still makes it super stanky and funky. All fans of great music will love this album! This album will be a force indeed to be reckoned with! GET ENDANGERED TODAY! It will move you!


アーティスト: Danny Bedrosian
タイトル: Endangered
ジャンル: Urban
発売日: 2014/04/28
レーベル: CD Baby
フォーマット: CD
バーコード: 888174737782