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Branching Out

Branching Out

  • レーベル検索 Crooked Pine Band
  • リリース 2014/12/05
  • ミュージックジャンル Country
  • フォーマット CD
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価格: ¥1,611


BRANCHING OUT There's new growth on the venerable old tree that is the Crooked Pine Band. Madison County native Troy Harrison joins the band in it's fortieth year, adding a wealth of traditional tunes and his excellent musicianship to the bedrock-rooted Americana sound the band has crafted over the years. On this, Crooked Pine's third album, original material sprouts here and there as well, telling stories from the past and present. The woods around Crooked Pine are inhabited by a host of sundry characters-- One-Eye Pete, Casey Jones, Camp Cookie, settlers Jesse and Sara, Ptomaine Sue among them-- each with a tale to tell. Mountain diva and lifelong friend Laura Boosinger also adds her beautiful voice in a guest appearance. Marion, Craig, Troy, and Frank hope you'll linger with us a while, enjoying this latest chapter of the Crooked Pine story. Just back from a couple days on the road I notice is that it's very well balanced - you can hear everything -- each instrument, each vocal part - really clearly. It seems like a phenomenal mix to me. Bass sounds great! Love hearing Swannanoa Tunnel - in short - great job. Good music, sweet feeling. Don Jackson My initial reaction is that you guys have a unique sound and style...doesn't sound like anyone else. Next, the recording is refreshingly absent of over-production and auto-correcting. You guys sounds like actual human beings playing live in a studio! Reminds me a bit of some of the better stuff on those newly-released Dylan basement tapes from 1967. Brian Hunter So, here is Chapter 3 of the Crooked Pine Band'S recording history, following 2003's "THEN AND NOW" and 2011's 'No Better Times'. Not that they have been any way idle since the last offering, far from it-- building up a loyal fan base in and around Western North Carolina and beyond, playing an extensive string of live dates and winning lots of friends along the way. Crooked Pine has added a new band member, Hot Springs native Troy Harrison, who it's fair to say adds a new dimension on this recording through his super-fine mandolin and (especially) banjo playing. His vocal contribution "RAIN AND SNOW" takes the listener back to those 1920's Dock Boggs classics where tragedy and pleasure walked hand in hand. The album kicks off in great style with the Townes Van Zandt song "WHITE FREIGHTLINER " featuring Craig Bannerman, which I'm sure, by the enthusiasm with which it is performed here, must be an audience favourite. The fellas are proud to say they have included on this disc four self-penned songs. The first is Marion Boatwright's "THE BARN DANCE ", which has a lovely kicker of a chorus (!). Next up is my good pal Frank McConnell's turn with his original song "GREASY CORNER BAR AND GRILL ", images of a sawdust-strewn bar and illicit liquor (bonus 'mountain royalty' is added by Laura Boosinger providing harmony vocals). Marion's "FLYING DREAMS " with just him and Craig on bass is a tender song to his grand-children. And his "JESSE AND SARA" is another thoughtful song which has super harmonies and banjo work. I often wonder how anyone can not love The Band-- now I ask how can you not love the classic "OPHELIA" covered by these fellas? Craig's world-weary vocals emulate Levon Helm perfectly. My personal favourite comes along now -- "TRAVELIN' BLUES"-- it is, of course the 1931 Jimmie Rodgers classic. Sung by Frank, he turns it from it's folk/blues form into more of a swing/country song. "SWANNANOA TUNNEL" is a traditional-sounding song by Bascom Lamar Lunsford, with added lyrics by Craig. Another beauty of a train song follows in the shape of "CASEY JONES ", a classic Crooked Pine standard-to-be if ever I heard one! A Crooked Pine album without an instrumental foray? Now that would not be right! So, here we go then -"POSSUM ON A LEASH ". This is great fun! What a surprise next, and I'm sure I won't be the only one . "ONE WAY OUT". Who would have thought Elmore James would have stopped off in Transylvania County, NC ?! And it works. "REUBEN'S TRAIN" has the boys firing on all cylinders, leaving us out of breath -- another C.P.B. classic. Finally, a song I have heard Frank sing many times over the years - Utah Phillips' "GOODNIGHT-LOVING TRAIL"-- and what finer way to close the album than with this wistful ballad? In conclusion, what strikes me is just how "tuneful" this album is. More emphasis on the lyrics, and the lead vocals and harmonies are just wonderful. This is certainly not to downplay the instrumental prowess though, especially the fine fiddle work and that claw-hammer and finger picking banjo! A lot of work has gone into this recording, but the fun shines strongly through. Your loyal fans in the states and us "over the pond" will not be disappointed, boys . Andy Trott.


アーティスト: Crooked Pine Band
タイトル: Branching Out
ジャンル: Country
発売日: 2014/12/05
レーベル: CD Baby
フォーマット: CD
バーコード: 888295194679