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Making a New Sound

Making a New Sound

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Inspired by the music of Gurdjieff/de Hartmann It is well known that Gurdjieff sang as a boy in the Orthodox Cathedral of Kars and that the melodies he remembered from his journeys through Central Asia were played on local instruments and not on the piano. We are forever indebted to Thomas de Hartmann for capturing these melodies in his piano compositions. However, many of the titles of the music compositions, such as the Orthodox Midnight Hymn and the Song of the Fisherwomen, indicate that they were meant to be sung. Thomas de Hartmann's piano arrangements have not been changed, but just enhanced with voice, harmonium, monochord, drum and flute where it was felt appropriate. The harmonium has been chosen as a reminder of Gurdjieff who played it until the very last days of his life. The lyrics of the songs were written by Christene Bauden. The music of the Walking Prayer is an improvisation by Dorine Tolley to accompany a Gurdjieff movement.. THE HARMONIUM The harmonium or hand organ used on this CD (see photo in the CD booklet) is exactly like the one Gurdjieff used. This instrument is common all through the Middle East and in India and used to accompany the voice, often playing the melody in unison. It is played with one hand while the other operates the bellows, 'making the sound'. In recording the slight creaking sound of the bellows was unavoidably picked up. It lends a touch of authenticity with it's own charm. Christene Bauden Christene Bauden holds a Bachelor of Music degree in voice from the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, Maryland USA. Her Career in opera, oratorio and recital included the US, Iceland and many countries in Europe. After settling in Sydney, Australia, she included in her career: teaching, choral conducting, composing, writing lyrics and giving Master Classes for choir and singers. She has been a recording artist as a singer, conductor, composer and lyricist on numerous CD's, including classical, popular and spiritual. Christene teaches students from many cultures who have a wish to explore any of the above. Dorine Tolley Dorine Tolley has accompanied soloists and played in chamber ensembles for many years, with public performances and radio broadcasts in Amsterdam, Leicester (UK), Mumbai, Pune and Sydney. She studied the piano and harpsichord with the harpsichordist Marijke Smit Sibinga in the Netherlands. Dorine is also a Gurdjieff Movements teacher as well as a published author of "The Power Within", a biographical/memoir of Leon MacLaren. PARTICIPANTS Christene Bauden - vocals Dorine Tolley - piano, harmonium, monochord Macdonald Hamilton - flute John Levings - drum Sound recording and mixing technicians - Macdonald Hamilton and John Levings Photography and CD booklet design - Macdonald Hamilton.


アーティスト: Bauden, Christene & Dorine Tolley
タイトル: Making a New Sound
ジャンル: Gospel
発売日: 2009/05/05
レーベル: CD Baby
フォーマット: CD
バーコード: 884502084269


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