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Looking Good

Looking Good

  • レーベル検索 Bobby Gee
  • リリース 2014/04/18
  • ミュージックジャンル Rock
  • フォーマット CD
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価格: ¥1,611


The songs on this CD were written on occasion of my turning 60 in October 2013. They are varied in style but share in emphasis on vocal arrangements ( background harmonies) and classic song structure: intro, verse, chorus, bridge, solo, ending. Music was recorded in Fall 2013 and January 2014 and like making anything that comes out good, had a process that felt very good- from start to finish throughout the project, I credit the producer and bass player- Steve Marks- with much of the Karma that came out in the music. It is by far, the best made recording I have ever done- and at 60 years of age, it's about time!! The first song is 'Rock Hard' and the 'hook' is I can still rock hard like Keith does. Keith refers of course to Keith Richards. This is my coming of age song and I tried very hard to create a rolling stones feel- a la Sticky Fingers. I have been influenced as a guitar player- perhaps most-by listening to Keith. My fantasy was always to be able to play with him. Perhaps he will give this song a listen. Lamentations is another song worth special mention. Lamentations is the name of a biblical text written by the Prophet Jeremiah approximately 2700 years ago when the City of Jerusalem was overtaken by the Babylonians and the First Temple destroyed. Jeremiah lamented that the reasons for the destruction was that the Israelites lost their faith and concerned with their pleasures and hedonism. I thought a lot about where the USA is as a country, how we have been a great power, how the previous generations have somehow made America even better and more prosperous for the next one, including my generation. How we are able to do the same for our children- in terms of where this country is headed- is something I began to lament. The extra feature in the song is the background singing by members of the Noded/HaZamir choir of NYC, and arranged by the masterful musical director, Mati Lazar. The other songs also are varied in style, are upbeat and catchy, Bobby Gee.


アーティスト: Bobby Gee
タイトル: Looking Good
ジャンル: Rock
発売日: 2014/04/18
レーベル: CD Baby
フォーマット: CD
バーコード: 888295078412