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In This Old House

In This Old House

  • レーベル検索 Beth Williams
  • リリース 2001/09/04
  • ミュージックジャンル Folk
  • フォーマット CD
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Co-Produced by Texas Music Legend and Award Winning Producer LLoyd Maines, In This Old House was voted one of Austin's Top 10 Albums of 2001 and received a tremendous amount of critical acclaim and radio airplay. Of this CD, Bill Conner of KNBT in San Marcos, TX says 'Beth's songs are not written as much as crafted, her soaring vocals add just the right amount of electricity to each track. When you hear her psychedelic yodel-chants on Track 5, you'll laugh out loud, and you'll be hooked for good.' In This Old House will give listeners a true picture of Beth's incomparable musical craftsmanship, as well as her remarkable capacity as a lyricist. But the album will prove to be far more revealing than simply the work of an expert technician. One has only to listen to the words, as they soar through the beauty of the Lloyd Maines production, to understand that Beth brings her heart, her soul, and the depths of her personal experiences for all to hear. In This Old House provides a truly eclectic experience so moving that, while it may not change the heart of the country purist, or the hard rock fanatic, it will give them pause for reflection and surely touch something in everyone who hears it. Lloyd, through his own inspiration and faith in Beth, has guided her into the creation of a work of art that, as you will see, transcends all the traditional musical borders. But, you'll have to hear it to believe it. 'Now' gives a positive, uplifting message about a journey to happiness at this moment. O-D-I is an intriguing, Irish-sounding optimistic song about letting go of worry, while 'Voices' deals with deep feelings of inadequacy, fear and self doubt. 'Ruby and John' tells the story of Beth's dying grandmother, sadly failing but eager to cross over to reunite with her beloved husband. In 'This Farm ', you can hear the anguish and frustration of rural folk coming to grips with invaders from the city seeking to change their way of life. The title song, 'In This Old House', tells the moving story of a perfect love, and the peace it brings." About Beth's other CDS: 'Steady Conversation with the Lord' This album has 8 of the most loved hymns and gospel favorites, along with 2 of Beth's own gospel compositions. The least 'arranged' of her CDs with only Beth on acoustic guitar/ lead vocals and harmonies and Rick McRae on lead guitar, a number of listeners have declared this to be their favorite recording of hers. Many have said they feel it takes them back to a simpler, more innocent time... 'Yodelin in Heaven' "Yodelin' in Heaven" is a compilation CD with songs from Beth's 4 other CD's, along with 2 new original songs. The goal of this project was to have an entire CD with positive songs offering hope, comfort, spiritual insight and reassurance that life & love never really end. Beth's husband, Laird Palmer, also reads scriptures before and after the title cut. An absolute 'must have' for all friends & fans of Beth Williams music!! 'One Empty Chair' Beth's second all original CD charted in Gavin & European charts, solidifying Beth's place in the Texas music scene. Having been taking her music ministry, 'Keeping Time with Beth' to nursing homes & hospitals for 8 years at that time, the majority of the songs from One Empty Chair were written out of her experiences in these facilities. 'First Class' Although living in Texas, Beth's musical journey led her to recording in Nashville in 1987, where she was embraced with her debut, First Class, produced by Ed Penney. 'Man at the Back Door,' 'Wrong Train,' and 'These Eyes' all charted in Billboard right in the middle of Steve Warner and Roseanne Cash. With producer Ed Penney, and musicians such as Sonny Garrish, Greg Galbraith, Pig Robbins, & Johnny Gimble, Beth's recording led to her being named one of the Top 10 'Best New Female Vocalists of the Year' by the ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC, 'Best Female Performer' by INDEPENDENT NEWS, and 'Best Independent Female Vocalist' by CASHBOX Magazine. BETH WILLIAMS...HER MUSIC MISSION AND WHO SHE IS..... Beth Williams is a motivational singer, songwriter & performer delivering encouraging messages through songs, stories and scriptures. Labeled by radio & media as writing 'Message Music', Mason, Texas singer/songwriter Beth Williams' soaring vocals and artful lyrics are a powerful God given gift. The HILL COUNTRY SUN writes 'Her songs are open and passionate expressions of optimism, rooted in an obvious faith in God and the world. And her voice is wonderful.' with Ronnie Witcher of KACQ Radio adding, 'Yes, she is a wonderful singer, beautiful voice...but there's something more. This songwriter does 'Message Music', she makes the spirit soar!' Her unique approach and creative abilities as a guitarist set Williams apart and 'Beth is blessed with a beautiful singing voice that has the dynamics to go from a whisper to the full power of cathedral bells.' says Austin Americana. Beth's songs have received much critical acclaim along with a tremendous amount of radio airplay. 'Beth is an accomplished guitarist who writes crisp, meaningful lyrics' writes Sam Kindrick of ACTION MAGAZINE. 'Her work is an amalgamation of spirituality, hope, recovery, real love, and ecology. One has only to listen to her words and voice, to understand that she brings her heart, soul, and the depths of her personal experience to each performance.' 'Ms. Williams infuses her music with the lessons and fallout from her search for life's meaning, her search for the path to peace and harmony', writes ROCKZILLAWORLD and 'her spirituality shines through with the optimism in the message', says the MUSIC CONNECTION. Jim Beal of the San Antonio Express & News adds 'In This Old House is a collection of songs that make people feel good. No sappy writer, no overt heartstring tugger, Williams instead is the kind of person who walks on the sunny side, uses common sense, sees the glass as half full and finds the silver lining in dark clouds. She's able to translate that optimism into songs such as ' Voices,' songs that can do more for self-esteem than any six pop psychologists. ' 'Besides the obvious, great singer and guitar player, Beth Williams bares her soul in her songs and her performance. This is a brave and good thing' says Texas Music Legend Lloyd Maines, producer of Beth's latest CD, as well as producer of such greats as the Dixie Chicks, Pat Green, Joe Ely and many others. Kathleen Hudson with Texas Heritage Music adds 'Beth not only writes inspiring songs, she has the voice to stop you in mid-sentence. I mean, we listened.' Beth's Story: Beth recalls walking to the front of a Baptist church at the age of 10, along with her brother Steve, to accept Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. Although her life has had many ups and downs since that time, God's call is irrevocable, and she has always found herself back in the presence of His merciful grace. Born on Ramey Air Force Base in Puerto Rico, the nomadic life of the military led Beth's family to Pakistan, the Philippines, Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Okinawa twice, all before she turned seventeen. Between tours of duty, the family flew back to the USA, and drove from California to Georgia to visit relatives. During these hot, dusty drives, Beth recalls her dad singing to help pass the time. She believes it was the comforting sound of her father's resonating voice, and her mother's gift for playing piano that instilled her love of music early on. While living on Peshawar AFB in Pakistan at the age of 13, Beth happened upon a lone GI sitting on the bleachers of a deserted baseball field, singing and playing a guitar. Her destiny was sealed as she ran home to tell her parents she wanted to sing and play guitar. Her parents bought her a $10.00 guitar at the PX later that same year when they were relocated to Kadena Air Force Base on Okinawa. At age 15, Beth won 1st place and $75.00 at the Kubasaki High School Talent Show after performing My Lord's Song, an original composition. Moving to San Antonio, TX at the beginning of her senior year of high school, she began her musical career immediately upon graduating, leading worship for a number of groups, and was often invited to sing at many of the local churches. Enlarging her Musical Rainbow, Williams then began delighting Texas audiences, touring Central Texas, military bases and overseas. After some years of struggle, Beth Williams' musical endeavors seemed to be paying off. She began to make her mark in the commercial field, as she charted 3 of the songs from her first album, First Class, in BILLBOARD and CASHBOX magazines, was nominated by the ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC, as 'Best New Female Vocalist of the Year', 'Best Female Performer', by the INDEPENDENT NEWS, and 'Best Independent Female Vocalist' by CASHBOX. Just as her career was heading mainstream she began moving in the opposite direction with her songwriting and musical abilities. Finding the obligation of touring non-stop to be more than she wanted to deal with and to conflict with her desire to be a 'Stay at home' wife and mother, Beth came home to the Hill Country where she could combine her artistry and family life. Over the next 5 years, Williams solidified her place in the Texas music scene, releasing One Empty Chair, Steady Conversation with the Lord and In This Old House on her own record label, Willow Creek Records. In 2002, after 30 + years of full-time self employment in the music industry, Beth felt the Lords call to quit the secular music business and return to her musical beginnings. It was at that time that she went into fulltime ministry, released her 5th recording, Yodeling in Heaven and, having come full circle, Beth is once again sharing her love of Jesus through songs, stories and scriptures. Beth lives in Mason, Texas with her husband, Laird Palmer. Together they are blessed to be raising their granddaughter, Mozelle Elizabeth.


アーティスト: Beth Williams
タイトル: In This Old House
ジャンル: Folk
発売日: 2001/09/04
レーベル: CD Baby
フォーマット: CD
バーコード: 733792353923


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