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  • Release Date 2018/08/01
  • Brand: Clovercroft Publishi
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  • Available Date: 2018/08/01
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Becky Perry Brown’s book is a story of good times, bad times, funny stories, and lessons learned through her life and fifty-four year marriage to country music legend, Jim Ed Brown.

This is a story, a story of living with a gentle giant, a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather. He was kind, generous, and very slow to anger. This is a story about love, perseverance, and how love conquers all. Becky Perry Brown was married for fifty-four years to country music legend, Jim Ed Brown, member of The Grand Ole Opry for over fifty years, and a member of The Country Music Hall of Fame. While he followed his dream, her dream was to be a professional dancer. She was a model, taught self-improvement and dance classes. Eventually, she followed a dream and opened her own dance studio. For forty-six years, young people came and went through those doors, learning ballet, tap, and interpretive dance. They became a part of the story and Jim Ed and Becky were a part of theirs. By writing this book, Becky has shared some of the good times, some of the bad times, some funny stories, some lessons learned, and set straight some rumors. She had her doubts at times, but God has never failed her. His grace is sufficient always. He truly sent Jim Ed her way, and they had a wonderful journey.

About the Author

Rebecca Sue Perry was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas in the summer of '42. Her parents owned a grocery on Main Street. She loved movies and was active with dreams of dancing professionally. Becky participated in numerous beauty pageants. One of which landed her right into the arms of Jim Ed Brown, with whom she soon married. Becky has modeled, has taught self-improvement and dance classes. She has passions for tennis and painting. For five years, she and Jim Ed traveled the country in a RV hosting a television show called Going Our Way. Jim Ed and Becky have been blessed with two children and five grand children. She has survived breast cancer and all that goes with that. Jim Ed was diagnosed with lung cancer. While fighting it, he recorded one last album, In Style Again. They were married fifty-four years when he passed away from lung cancer.

Product Details

  • Paperback: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Clovercroft Publishing
  • Biography & Autobiography / Entertainment & Performing Arts

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