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More Things Change

More Things Change

  • レーベル検索 Amy Coffman
  • リリース 2013/04/01
  • ミュージックジャンル Folk
  • フォーマット CD
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'...a beautiful collection of songs...In a world where over-produced, auto-tuned music commands so much attention-Coffman's The More Things Change is a breath of fresh air. The entire album is well-done and a joy to hear.' ...Emma Peterson 'Amy Coffman has a subtle groove that makes you want to put the song on repeat and listen again and again. Her songs are little stories with a backbeat - well thought, effortlessly crafted and real. This is a great album.' ...Celeste Krenz 'Clearly both a talented musician and songwriter, she delivers a solid brand of Texas-tinged folk and Americana...bringing heartfelt songwriting together with well-performed Texas melodies.' ...Andrew Greenhalgh 'It's easy to love Coffman's songs, especially this album's title track...She has a maturity and...warmth about her that always makes you feel like she's singing to you - just to you - and not at you. It's a rare thing to discover a vocalist with this much natural warmth...' ...Dan MacIntosh Review of the song 'Record (for Mom)', by Ross Barber, music critic and blogger, Glasgow UK: 'Amy Coffman is a singer/songwriter whose experience is nothing short of varied. Throughout her life she has been torn between art and agriculture, but art is the one she says she would be unable to live without. Musically, she has performed in an all-girl punk band, as a solo artist, and was the bassist in one of the first Americana bands in Dallas, Tone Deaf Cowboys. All of this experience has crafted Coffman into a well-rounded musician, with a high level of technical aptitude and a lot of heart. ''Record (for Mom)' is a heartfelt dedication to her mother, set to a rich arrangement of acoustic guitar, piano, bass and drums. Coffman's mother was also a musician - an accordion-player - who passed away 20 years ago. 'One thing that immediately strikes you about this track, is it's honesty. There's nothing false, no flashy production, no pop hooks. It sounds like it has been written as an expression of Coffman's love and appreciation, rather than for commercial consumption. This is an admirable and brave thing to do, and makes Coffman's songwriting and performance even more likeable. 'Lyrically is where 'Record (for Mom)' is at it's strongest. As a listener, you can get a clear picture of the type of relationship Coffman and her mother shared, and you can hear where her love of music originated. Lines such as "Sittin' on the piano bench next to you, singing 'Wichita Lineman,' watching what your fingers do" convey to us that Coffman owes at least some of her musicality to her mother, which is a sentiment which is refreshing to hear expressed through song. 'Coffman's delivery is crisp and clear and her phrasing borrows somewhat from Joni Mitchell. There's a real authenticity to the vocal performance. There's no vocal gymnastics to distract from the lyrical content, which certainly works in the song's favor...a second vocal track could add to the depth and further enrich the sound. However, this is maybe something which Coffman has decided against for creative purposes - as it's such a personal track, maybe just one clear voice was all that was intended for the delivery. ''Record (for Mom)' is a track that may not have mass commercial appeal, but is one that is honest, heartfelt and true - qualities that are undeniably more valuable than commerciality.'


アーティスト: Amy Coffman
タイトル: More Things Change
ジャンル: Folk
発売日: 2013/04/01
レーベル: CD Baby
フォーマット: CD
バーコード: 884501887410