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Parfum 5

Parfum 5

  • レーベル検索 Amie Amis
  • リリース 2008/03/25
  • ミュージックジャンル Jazz
  • フォーマット CD
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Amie Amis (last name pronounced Ah-mee - it's French), a young French hornist residing in New York City, performs and writes - as a matter of whimsy - in French, Portuguese, and her native English. She is a sparkling, high-energy visual delight. Amalie-esque and pert, in her finale, she surprises the room by playing her French horn into a deep backbend to the floor. Her lyrics - as with her whole musical genre - are clever and hilarious - disguising her highly complex arrangements, jazz solos, and detailed exchanges between her French horn, vocals, and six sidemen. In composition and arrangement of many pieces, Amie collaborates with Rick Thompson, a Denver, Colorado rocker, producer, and college pal. The musical subjects range from a reggae double entendre about being lost on a glacier; to rhapsodizing over an extinct caveman lover as she goes to 'see 'um' in a 'muse-um;' to stuck in an elevator 'in between' but managing to stay, 'strictly serene.' Although complex, the musical style is accessible and danceable - with Amie Amis' physical style encouraging crowd interaction. She always achieves a happy room. As an independent hornist, Amie Amis recently toured with Kanye West and has performed with Jay Z, Josh Groban, James Galway, Diana Krall, Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, Shirley Home, Diane Reeves, and other rock and jazz groups. A consummate musician, Amie Amis took a Masters of Music from the University of Miami and has a depth of ongoing musical experience including Broadway's Wicked and Phantom Of The Opera; studio work for commercials, cartoons, and band recordings; and major symphony orchestras. Although Amie arranges and inscribes charts for each man in her ensemble, her sidemen are highly accomplished, with a range of impressive experience in their own right. A brief history: many years ago, in a land far away (Colorado), two buddies from college decided to write some songs just for laughs. The friends shared their little ditties with other people and got an 'interesting' response. They continued to write more and more songs over the years, and continued to share them with others. The response turned from "interesting," to "cool!" The public started growing hungrier and hungrier for the project that became known as 'Rick and Amie Lose Their Minds.' As the CD made it's way around the musician community in New York City there became a growing demand for live shows. To appease their desires, as well as her own, Amie started her band in New York and the cult following followed right along. Back in Denver, Rick continued to co-write the songs and produced their records. So now it's only a matter of time... it's now up to you to buy, and enjoy!


アーティスト: Amie Amis
タイトル: Parfum 5
ジャンル: Jazz
発売日: 2008/03/25
レーベル: CD Baby
フォーマット: CD
バーコード: 796873025492


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