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Royal Street

Royal Street

(Professionally Duplicated CD)
  • レーベル検索 Amanda Pearcy
  • リリース 2013/02/04
  • ミュージックジャンル Country
  • フォーマット CD
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"Amanda Pearcy's songs are a bit unusual, which I like." ~ Steve Young ("Seven Bridges Road", "Lonesome, On'ry and Mean") ~ #1 on the March 2013 EuroAmericana Chart ~ #2 on the Feb & April 2013 EuroAmericana Charts 4**** "An album that you simply must go and listen, because it is nothing but a first class stunner." ~Rein Van Den Berg, Johnny's Garden 4.5**** "Pearcy has a fully realized album, in the truest sense of the word... If, like Ray Wylie Hubbard, you believe that the essence of songwriting is to tear strips off your soul, then Pearcy is your girl. Or, rather, your woman... Her twelve songs are extraordinarily well crafted, each one, though they vary in tempo and style, is given it's own individual setting and atmosphere, Pearcy modulating her expressive vocals to maximize the effect of her poetic lyrics and evocative melodies... You can play this over and over and still not plumb it's depths." ~John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music, Austin, TX Selected as a "Best Pick" in The Alternate Root~ "The deep-felt folk soul of Amanda's voice grounds the diversity of the songs... on "Better on My Own", Amanda delivers a vocal that would make the Blues queens of the 20's and 30's proud of the song- her voice, a well-contained powerhouse... The album kicks off with a fine ballad, "Bring You Home", immediately letting the vocals of Amanda Pearcy capably take control. Opening the album with a ballad is a ballsy move, but Amanda more than justifies the choice as see-through vocals show her emotions as her confessional delivery almost breaks with her heart." ~Danny McCloskey, The Alternate Root, USA "Strong stuff... reminiscent of Mary Gauthier... Pearcy reaches deep down and produces a couple of tear jerking ballads that could stop you in your tracks. The emotional vocal delivery of "Nickel In The Vase" sends shivers down the spine. In a similar vein the title song is a superb piece. Pearcy has an attractive bluesy husk of a voice that is perfectly suited to her gospel soul and country sound that peppers the album.'s a fair bet that several country divas would give their eye teeth to get a hold of "Lackin' In Nothin'... It's fair to say that all of Pearcy's songs on the album are of a high standard." ~Paul Kerr, No Depression, Blabber 'n' Smoke, Scotland "An album that, more than most, repays repeated listening sessions with it's poeticism, sense of drama, and varied tempos and moods... rewardingly mature. Amanda possesses a lovely rich vocal style that is full of character and believability, with a maturity that avoids the cloying sweetness of many of her peers... even at times having an appealing bluesiness. She creates a hugely evocative atmosphere on every song... and what tremendous songs they are, with some gorgeous melodies that stay in the memory, and lyrics that are beautiful poetic reflections on life... Amanda's aching vocals dredge every drop of feeling out of the very good "Better on My Own"... Many of these excellent songs are lyrically downbeat but with the stylistic variation and the varied music and vocals, the album never descends into self-pity or gloom." ~ Mike Morrison, American Roots UK "She is so multi-layered and rich...That voice was made to sing the blues, but it is equally well suited to the lavish country melodies that are scattered on this record...a little bit Janis, Emmylou, Lucinda, Mary Gauthier. Authentic. If Amanda Pearcy sings, you believe her...if you want to enjoy an Americana album, which contains the ingredients of that genre: blues, soul, gospel, country, folk, if you above all want to witness superior song writing and hardly equaled singing, then "Royal Street" is something for you... The songs of Amanda Pearcy do not blush alongside those of Jagger and Richards." ~ Dani Heyvaert, Rootstime, Belgium "It surprises me every week the beautiful pictures that are created in this genre, but Amanda Pearcy's Royal Street is such a rare album, after first listening, you never want to let go. Do not miss it. ...a voice that quite easily causes goose bumps... All the above is more than sufficient to make an album with a silver lining, but Amanda Pearcy excels on Royal Street also as a songwriter. It is significant that "No Expectations", by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, does not rise above the other songs on the album." ~ Erwin Zijleman, DeKrentenUitDePop, The Netherlands "Brilliant album. ...songs of undeniable intensity sung with a fragile, "country-noir" voice. The majestic "Unbind" leaves the listener speechless, the beautiful melancholy making this song one of the highlights of an already excellent CD. I also have a huge weakness for "Forgiven". But whether Amanda Pearcy sings her roots tinged waltz, "Lackin 'in Nothin'", or her impassioned take on the Rollings Stones' "No Expectations", she comes across brilliantly throughout." ~ Ed Muitjens, AltCountry Forum, The Netherlands "There are discs that have the extraordinary power to pick us up and take us to another place, sometimes in another era- that is certainly the case with Royal Street... Amanda Pearcy is halfway between the voices of Rosanne Cash and Joan Armatrading." ~ Marco Restelli, Roots Highway, Italy "...Pearcy could well be one of this year's beautiful revelations. There's not a weak moment on the disc and Amanda constantly manages to surprise and charm us, alternating the rhythms and the moods, going from a ballad gently held by the strings of a violin or a a greasy blues in the vein of "St. James Infirmary"... to continue with...a rootsy country track. Steve Young, a connoisseur, has written: "Amanda Pearcy's songs are a bit unusual, which I like"...a disc that has just begun, and the end is not in sight, to illuminate my musical landscape." ~ Sam Pierre, Le Cri du Coyote, France "...Her husky, sensual way of singing makes her remarkable. original sound which her honest, mostly subdued songs thrive. ... The Stones' No Expectations may sound like it comes from her own sleeve, and testifies just as much of her original talent. Excellently produced by violinist and producer Tim Lorsch." ~ Pieter Wijnstekers, Heaven magazine, The Netherlands 4**** "Americana at it's most original!" ~ Benny Metten, Ctrl. Alt. Country e-zine, Belgium 4**** "...a very fine and talented singer-songwriter. There's no doubt about it, Amanda Pearcy earns her place in the Austin scene." ~ Cis Van Looy, Keys and Chords, Belgium "...a gem, shining like a Texan sun in the Americana world of the South... Amanda's voice can not fail to charm, there is no voice like hers, soulful and wonderfully sensual. A masterful CD that deserves wide circulation." ~ Fred Schmale, Real Roots Cafe, The Netherlands "...evocative, passionate, and engaging... Amanda Pearcy, an artist who is definitely on track." ~ Remo Ricaldone, Lonestar Time, Italy Amanda Pearcy's bluesy country-leaning Americana sound is served up by way of her hardscrabble history, authentically grounded in a raw and earthy, soulful voice. Testifying to her southeast Texas upbringing, with the region's multicultural mix, it's Gulf of Mexico coastline, and it's shared border with Louisiana's Acadiana, the songs on Pearcy's second CD, Royal Street, carry a sense, and the sensuality, of the South, weaving themes of home, and it's loss; love, both surrendered to, and longed for; the casting of spells; the ties that bind old friends; and our human experience's collective memory. Her version of Jagger's & Richards' "No Expectations", and a bonus track of the spiritual "Wish I's in Heaven Settin' Down" (often attributed to Mississippi Fred McDowell) are right at home with Pearcy's 12 original compositions. Royal Street is a true album, a collection of songs that settle in for the ride through Texas to New Orleans and back again; the journey being a testament of life's tougher lessons learned too young, and the insight that comes with getting to the other side of them. Produced by Tim Lorsch, Royal Street is given eloquent treatment by George Bradfute's guitars, Ron de la Vega's bass, Mickey Grimm's drums, and Tim Lorsch's strings. Additional contributing musicians are Steve Conn on accordion; Anthony Crawford and Mike Daly, both on pedal steel ; Dave Francis on guitar and bass; Gene Rabbai on B3 organ; Dennis Wage on mellotron; and background vocals by Jon Byrd, Vickie Carrico, Dan Eubanks, and Britt Savage. A sampling of other artists these talented musicians have worked with include Sam Baker, Hayes Carll, Elizabeth Cook, Rodney Crowell, Mary Gauthier, Emmylou Harris, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Mickey Newbury, Ray Price, John Prine, Bonnie Raitt, Billy Joe Shaver, Townes Van Zandt, Kevin Welch, Hank Williams Jr., Lucinda Williams, and Neil Young. The band was recorded by Bradley Hartman at Trace Sound in Franklin, TN, with additional recording by George Bradfute at Tone Chaparral in Nashville, TN. Vocals and additional instruments recorded by Tim Lorsch in Nashville, TN. A few of Pearcy's vocals were recorded by Hartman in the cabin at the San Gabriel River in central Texas. The bonus track, with Chris Gage on dobro, was recorded at Bazzirk Inc. in Austin, TX, under the production of Donna Johnson for the trailer for her New York Times reviewed book, Holy Ghost Girl: A Memoir. Along with Grammy nominated Ruthie Foster, Amanda Pearcy will be in a book due out later in 2013 about Texas women artists. It will include the back stories for some of these Royal Street gems.


アーティスト: Amanda Pearcy
タイトル: Royal Street
ジャンル: Country
形式: Professionally Duplicated CD
発売日: 2013/02/04
レーベル: CD Baby
フォーマット: CD
バーコード: 887516120442